Manchester New Hampshire

Manchester NH

Manchester is the largest city in the state of New Hampshire and is located at the northern part of the Northeast megalopolis which is the most heavily urbanized region of the United States. It runs along the eastern coast northern from Washington D.C. up to Manchester NH. With a 2014 estimated population of 110,448 people, Manchester is the largest city north of Boston. With that many people in the area, it is, even more, important to make sure the air quality is safe for everyone around you. If you plan on engaging in construction or any other remediation project it is vital you have in place a proper air monitoring program. Engaging in a remdiation project without the proper air quality can have negative impacts on the surrounding community in many ways. A few examples include:

  • Dust that is laden with toxic materials may be released
  • Diesel equipment exhaust may be drawn into an adjacent fresh air intake plenum.
  • Odors and toxic gas may be released when excavating in naturally occurring organic peat layers.
  • At Cashins and Associates, we are committed to keeping the air on and around your property safe and compliant. We offer ambient air testing and air monitoring program, which helps to provide you with the information you need to ensure you do not negatively affect the people and properties around you. It is important to understand the effects of your air quality to the surround areas, and air monitoring provides you with that information. You can then use this information to make decisions to adjust work tasks or procedures to avoid complaints and, therefore, project delays.

    Not only could poor ambient air quality effect the timeliness of your project its can negatively affect the health of the people around you. Cashins & Associates has the equipment and expertise to implement a cost-effective perimeter air monitoring program for your project site. We will manage the entire program and work closely with the project management team to ensure a successful outcome.

    If you are looking to start a project in a highly populated and large city like Manchester NH contact Cashins and Associates Inc. today to ensure your air is monitored correctly and you can finish your project on time.