Cashins & Associates: A Customized Approach to Your Site Specific Issues

Cashins & Associates works with you to customize an approach that serves your best interests, addresses your site-specific situation cost-effectively and quickly, and achieves desired results for your people and property.

  • Assess
    Using the latest diagnostic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment we collect the data necessary to quickly, affordably and accurately identify the source of your problem. Over two decades of experience allows our Cashins team to capture a clear picture of existing conditions.
  • Advise
    Once we identify your specific site issue, we offer potential solutions and recommendations geared to quickly and effectively address the problem. Our advice is always based on honesty, integrity and a commitment to serve your best interests.
  • Monitor
    We conduct ongoing monitoring of your work environment to ensure your organization maintains a highly effective industrial hygiene and safety program. Regular monitoring is a critical component of all industrial hygiene and safety programs.
  • Train
    We develop and deliver customized training programs for you and your employees to ensure that everyone understands current regulations and how they integrate into your organization’s procedures.