Educational Institutions

Cashins & Associates: Keeping Your Campus, Your Students and Your Staff Healthy and Safe

Schools and colleges face many of the same environmental health challenges faced by industry and government – indoor air quality, ventilation, dust and mold related to frequent reconfigurations and budgetary constraints that may limit design and maintenance. But many of these buildings have a unique population – children.

Preventive steps to ensure health and safety are more important in schools, as children are more susceptible to low-level toxicity from chemicals used in paints and construction materials and more likely to suffer from allergies triggered by mold and dust. In addition, high school and college chemistry labs may cause symptoms due to issues that are related to poor ventilation.

When you engage Cashins & Associates to serve your educational facilities, you benefit from our extensive field experience and technical expertise in this unique sector. We understand the variety and complexity of environmental health and safety issues that can impact your buildings, your students and your staff – and we know how to resolve them in a practical, cost-effective way that protects you against liability, fines, and lost productivity.