Local Family Firm -- Experience. Reliability. Integrity.

Founded and incorporated by Robert Cashins in 1981, Cashins & Associates is an environmental health and safety consulting firm whose experience spans thousands of projects at construction sites, medical facilities, municipal buildings, schools or colleges, manufacturing plants and office buildings and has saved employers valuable time and money in lost productivity, construction delays, and government fines.

Cashins’ strength is in building the most efficient and effective team of professionals that will advise you properly from the beginning of the project straight through the resolution of any industrial hygiene or health and safety issues. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled, experienced consultants translates to high-quality reports that help you to avoid costly problems and maximize your success.

Cashins’ carefully selected team brings years of professional experience in New England that in turn benefits clients like you, whether it’s by developing a site-specific plan, assessing a property for mold or toxic chemicals or testing for OSHA compliance.