Cashins & Associates: Dedicated to keeping your construction projects compliant, on schedule and on budget.

Cashins & Associates offers a comprehensive set of offerings related to the inspection and abatement of asbestos and hazardous building materials. These services are designed to ensure that building owners/developers are in full compliance with State and Federal regulations and that projects can proceed on schedule and on budget.

Involving Cashins & Associates throughout the planning process helps to ensure a smooth, safe, and cost-effective start to your construction project. It also helps to avoid unforeseen costs and to reduce liability risks for owners and developers.

Asbestos & Hazardous Building Materials

To ensure a compliant, safe construction project, Cashins & Associates:

  • Explains all pertinent Federal & State Regulations
  • Performs thorough inspections for asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Provides inventory of any asbestos-containing or hazardous building materials that have been found
  • Offers information for proper removal and anticipated costs
  • Facilitates the abatement process
  • Assists in pre-bid/bid reviews
  • Review bid submittals for proper documentation

State and Federal Regulations require that a building be inspected for the presence of asbestos-containing building materials prior to renovation or demolition. Our staff performs a thorough inspection to ensure that building owners/developers do not face problems during the construction phase. Incomplete evaluations can cause expensive project delays.

Our asbestos inspections locate the types of asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) that are on and within your structure. Your report includes an inventory of these materials, along with recommended response actions and estimated abatement costs. We fully explain pertinent Federal and State Regulations related to asbestos-containing materials and how they may impact your project.

Cashins & Associates is also able to inspect for other hazardous materials, such as lead-based paint, mercury-containing components, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Our final report presents the quantity and location of these components, offers information regarding proper removal, and includes estimates of anticipated costs.

Our consulting services help facilitate the abatement process. For instance, Cashins can create site-specific work plans and project specifications that help ensure that removal is performed according to applicable Federal and State Regulations. These documents describe in detail the appropriate means and methods to be used during the removal process.

Pre-Bid/Bid Review
Cashins can also assist in the pre-bid and bidding process. Contractor walk-throughs allow for various abatement companies to inspect the site, ask questions, and better understand the scope of work. Our bid review process helps ensure that the costs reflect current market norms and that the scope of work is adequately understood.

Cashins & Associates also reviews bid submittals in order to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided. This documentation may include:
• Copies of licenses
• Health & Safety Plan
• Respiratory plan
• Medical records
• Insurance information
• Identification of landfill
• Schedule of removals
• Abatement means and methods