Peabody MA

Peabody MA

Peabody MA once a small farming community has now become a bustling hub of the North Shore. Years ago, Peabody's many streams and rivers created the perfect place to build mills which operated by water power. These mills attracted more and more immigrants which helped grow the city to what it is today. Today the city has grown to a population of over 51,251 people, with a total of 22,220 housing units. Of those households, 26.8% include children under the age of 18.

With this large population of families & children located here, it is important to the city of Peabody to have a good school system. Peabody prides itself on providing top of the line public schools to its residents, which often requires construction and renovations to keep schools up to date. One of the most recent projects in Peabody Ma includes the construction of the Pace Middle School, which is currently set to open in September 2016.

At Cashins & Associates, we work with both educational facilities as well as providing health and safety consulting to construction sites. We understand the important and unique challenges faced by both construction sites as well as educational facilities. School-aged children are more susceptible to chemicals and construction materials which make them more likely to suffer from allergies which can be triggered by dust and debris. Which is why we take preventative steps to ensure health and safety to schools for their unique population of children.

Cashin & associates extensive field experience and technical expertise in the unique sector of educational facilities constructions provides you with many benefits. We understand the variety and complexity of this environment and know the steps to take to ensure health and safety for all those involved. We know how to resolve them at a cost- effective way that protects you against liability fines and lost productivity so you can keep your educational construction on time and give the community the most benefit.

If you are in need of industrial, educational or construction safety and environmental health consulting in Peabody MA or the Greater Boston Area contact Cashins & Associates today at 781-245-1400.