Southern New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire is known for its excellent schools, low crime rates, affordability and great quality of life, which is why so many people flock to the area. With Southern New Hampshire’s close proximity to Boston, its makes the perfect place to raise a family. New Hampshire itself is home to 29 schools ranked among the 2015 U.S. News Best High Schools and Southern New Hampshire’s schools are some of the best in the state. And as its name implies, one of the largest campuses in the state- Southern New Hampshire University is located here.

When it comes to schools one of the top priorities is health and environmental safety. Schools and universities face many of the same health challenges by other industries and buildings including indoor air quality, ventilation, dust and mold related to frequent reconfigurations and budgetary constraints that may limit design and maintenance. Schools and universities are often one of the top places for construction which can pose other health and hygiene related issues.

Cahsins & Associates understands the unique population that is associated with these locations and takes preventative steps to ensure the health and safety of that population. Children are more susceptible to low-level toxicity and are more likely to suffer from allergies triggered by mold and dust.

At Cashins & Associates, we ensure that your educational facility offers a healthy safe environment for your students and staff members. Some of the issues we can help you address include Indoor air quality, Thermal comfort challenges, Decreases productivity, Dust or odor issues, Mold and moisture issue & more.

Cashin & Assocaites provides industrial hygiene, safety & environmental health consulting for educational facilities throughout Southern New Hampshire including Nashua, Manchester, Salem, Merrimack and more!