Environmental Health & Safety Malden MA

Malden MA

Today Malden MA, is considered a suburban industrial city. Located just outside the booming city of Boston MA, Malden really experienced its growth a couple decades ago when I-93 was built running through it. Malden was named the Best Place to Raise Your Kids in Massachusetts in 2009.

With all of this industrial development over the past years Malden MA is a hub for industrial growth. Cashins & Associates offers services including construction health & safety consultation. We provide comprehensive, cost- effective, environmental health and safety consulting services for property developers, construction managers and contractors.

Cashins & Associates also specializes in industrial hygiene, safety & environmental health consulting for office buildings. Productivity is paramount in your office environment. If your employees are tired, sick, or absent, your profits can suffer. Your employees will benefit from our extensive field experience and technical expertise. We understand that your profits can be affected from environmental health and safety issues and we know how to resolve these issues.

If you are an office building or construction sites in need of environmental health and hygiene consulting in Malden MA, contact Cashins & Associates today.