Waltham MA

Job Site Safety in Waltham MA

Throughout Waltham history, it has always been a hub for production and manufacturing. Years ago Waltham was an early center for the labor movement as well as a major contributor to the American industrial revolution. The original home of the Boston Manufacturing Company, the city of Waltham MA has also been a major contributor when it comes to production and manufacturing. Waltham is also commonly referred to as the watch city because of its association with Waltham Watch Company which opened its factory in Waltham back in 1854.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Waltham MA

Cashins & Associates, is proud to serve the many commercial and manufacturing facilities in Waltham MA. We understand manufacturing facilities generate a higher rate of exposure than what is found in homes or offices due to the chemicals used and byproducts of production including welding, grinding, painting etc. One of the main problems we see in manufacturing facilities is ventilations issues. Ventilations can be a unique challenge requiring regular monitoring and annual evaluations. We know the importance of protecting employees from chemical exposure, heat stress, noise issues and other manufacturing-related challenges to help ensure a safe, productive team and a more efficient profitable operation. We provide indoor air quality testing, to protect your building and the people safe. In addition to poor ventilation, the air quality may be poor due to mold, building pressurization, and particles from office equipment. We perform site assessments and deliver timely results and recommendations to fix the issue.

Industrial Hygiene Consulting in Waltham MA

Keeping the people on a job site and in the workplace safe and healthy is crucial. We’re a full service industrial hygiene consulting firm that protects your company form health complications including toxic dust, noise, chemicals, and gases. Our team provides the following services:

  • Collects air samples and evaluates data
  • Tests for OSHA compliance
  • Evaluates low-level contaminants
  • Makes timely, cost-effective, and site specific recommendations
  • Performs noise surveys
  • Performs site safety surveys
  • Conducts compliance audits
  • Assesses ventilation systems
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