Salem NH

Salem NH

Salem NH is located in the southern region of New Hampshire directly boarding Massachusetts. Salem’s close proximity to Boston, about 30 miles, makes Salem a marketing and distribution home to many retail and other businesses.

Along with distribution center, there are many manufacturing facilities located in Salem NH. Due to high production levels, manufacturing facilities generate a higher rate of exposure than what is found in homes or other office buildings due to chemicals used and byproducts.

Cashins & Associates understand the many unique challenges that can be associated with manufacturing plants including regular monitoring and annual evaluations. Protecting employees from chemical exposure, heat stress, noises issues, and other manufacturing related challenges to help ensure the safe, productive team and a more efficient, profitable operation.

Cashins & Associates has extensive field experience and technical expertise in this unique sector. We ensure that you’re manufacturing facility offers a healthy, safe environment for your employees by delivering cost-effective, practical solutions. Some of the issues we can help you address include:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive industrial hygiene program
  • Maintaining optimum indoor air quality
  • Staff training for personal protective equipment and workplace hazards.
  • Thermal comfort challenges in offices adjacent to manufacturing operations
  • Decreased productivity or absenteeism due to headaches, respiratory symptoms or general fatigue
  • Assist with local, state and federal regulation compliance
  • If you are a manufacturing or developmental center located in Salem NH make sure to call Cashins & Associates to handle all of your industrial health hygiene and environmental need today at (781) 245-1400