Wilmington MA

Environmental Health & Safety Consultants in Wilmington MA

Wilmington MA is located in Middlesex County just a few miles east of Cashins & Associates headquarters in Wakefield MA. Wilmington is a constantly changing environment and most recently has been approved by the state of Massachusetts to construct a new high school. The new Wilmington high school was completed in 2015.

Industrial Hygiene Programs for Wilmington MA

Cashins & Associates Inc. specializes in the industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental health consulting throughout Wilmington MA. One of the main industry we serve is construction sites, we work hard to keep your construction site safe for you, your workers, and the community. Cashins & Associates ensures that your site is compliant and safe throughout your project by delivering cost effective practical solutions. Not only do construction sites face many environmental health challenges so do schools and colleges. This is why Cashins & Associates specializes in both construction sites as well as educational Institutions.

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When it comes to the construction of schools, such as Wilmington’s new high school, it is important that you have the proper industrial hygiene, safety and environmental health consulting. When you engage Cashins & Associates to serve your construction sites or educational facilities, you benefit from our extensive field experience and technical expertise in this unique sector. We understand the variety and complexity of environmental health and safety issues that can impact your project, your people, and your profits – and we know how to resolve them in a practical, cost-effective way that protects you against liability, fines, construction delays and lost productivity. If you're ready to get started, fill out an online form or give us a call at (781) 245-1400 to get staretd!