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Industrial Health Consultants in Melrose MA

Located approximately 7 miles north of Boston, Melrose is a small city, home to approximately 28,400 residents. With its ease of access into the city by the MBTA orange line, it has become a popular spot for many commuters. The town also has a thriving school system, with 5 elementary schools, (Roosevelt, Lincoln, Winthrop, Hoover, and Horace Mann). Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School and Melrose High School. With so many schools in the area, Cashins & Associates are glad to provide our industrial health services to ensure the schools are safe for the children and teachers.

Hygiene, Healthy & Safety Consulting for Educational Institutions

Many schools and educational institutes face environmental health challenges, such as dust and mold, chemicals in paint and construction materials, air quality issues, and more. At Cashins & Associates, our goal is to keep the schools of Melrose clean and safe, as children are often more susceptible to be affected by some of these toxins. It’s crucial to keep your school systems clean, as it can greatly affect the productivity and success of the students. If they’re constantly dealing with headaches or other illnesses keeping them out of school because of hazardous materials they’re being exposed to in school, their performance in the classroom may show it.

Some of the issues we can help you address include:

  • Maintaining optimum indoor air quality
  • Thermal comfort challenges
  • Decreased productivity or absenteeism due to student/staff headaches, respiratory symptoms or general fatigue
  • Dust or odor issues related to construction
  • Resolving health issues related to mold and moisture
  • Complying with local, state and federal regulations

When you engage Cashins & Associates to serve your educational facilities, you benefit from our extensive field experience and technical expertise in this unique sector. We understand the variety and complexity of environmental health and safety issues that can impact your buildings, your students and your staff – and we know how to resolve them in a practical, cost-effective way that protects you against liability, fines, and lost productivity.

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