Exeter NH

Exeter NH

Cashins & Associates is proud to serve the community of Exeter NH. Exeter is located just a short drive north of Cashins & Associates headquarters in Wakefield MA and about miles from Boston MA. Exeter is located in Rockingham County, one of the southernmost counties in New Hampshire.

Exeter NH is also home to Phillips Exeter Academy a prestigious private university preparatory school. This school is home to over 1000 students in grades 9-12 as well as post-graduate levels. Just like any school, it is important to keep all students safe & healthy while on their campus. It is Cashins & Associates mission to keeping your campus your students and your staff healthy and safe.

Schools face many of the same environmental health challenges as other facilities including indoor air quality, ventilation, dust, mold, and most important budgetary constraints that may limit design & maintenance. Cashins & Associates ensures that your educational facilities offer a healthy, safe environment for your students and staff by delivering cost-effective, practical solutions.

Schools & educational facilities are constantly striving to create a top of the line environment for students to learn and grow. This is why we often see construction projects being done on schools. Many times these construction projects can compromise the health and safety of your students, staff, and campus. Construction sites pose a multitude of safety and industrial hazards including lead, asbestos, paint vapors, silica dust, mold and more. Construction sites also can create air quality issues for surrounding properties and the community including your campus where students and staff interact daily.

Cashins & Associates provides comprehensive, cost-effective environmental health and safety consulting services for educational facilities as well as property developers, construction managers, and contractors.

If you are located in Exeter NH or are looking for indoor environmental health and safety consulting contact Cashins & associates today!