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Industrial Hygiene Consultants in Reading MA

Since 1981, Cashins & Associates has been providing solutions for companies that have faced environmental health and safety issues. As the trusted industrial hygiene consultants in the Reading MA area, we’ve worked with hospitals, offices, laboratories, construction sites, and beyond to keep their employees and building occupants safe. Many environmental factors that can be compromising the health and wellbeing of your employees without even realizing it. From poor air quality, to mold, hazardous building materials, and more, these are very serious issues that should be addressed immediately. Our team of experts offer assessments, advising, monitoring, and training services to help you address these issues. Learn more below about the industrial hygiene consulting services we offer to keep your workplace safe in Reading MA.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Reading MA

One of the first signs that your building's air quality may be compromised is unusual odors, or if your employees/building occupants are experiencing symptoms such as headaches or irritation. Poor air quality can be caused by improper ventilation, mold or moisture being present, chemical emissions, building pressurization, or several other factors. We provide indoor air quality testing in Reading to quickly and efficiently diagnose and air quality issues that you may be facing. Our indoor air quality testing services include:

  • Performing an initial site assessment
  • Designing survey methods sampling techniques
  • Performing an initial site assessment
  • Full Inspection of HVAC systems
  • Discussing the current issues with occupants
  • Performing an initial site assessment
  • Providing site-specific recommendations to solve air quality problems
  • Construction Health & Safety Programs in Reading MA

    There are several health and safety concerns that can arise when doing construction or renovations in an operating building. From paint vapors to silica dust, welding fumes, diesel exhaust, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and beyond, these hazards can greatly affect the safety of your site. At Cashins & Associates, we provide thorough health and safety programs to ensure that your construction site in Reading MA is safe and up to standard.

    Asbestos, Hazardous Building Materials, & Mold Evaluations

    We also offer services related to the inspection and abatement of asbestos and other hazardous building materials, to ensure that buildings are in full compliance with State and Federal regulations. This helps companies in the long run to avoid unforeseen costs or liability risks. This includes mold and moisture evaluations, as this is one of the most common health issues found in buildings.. We provide expert services to ensure that the building is restored safely and mold-free.

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