Cashins & Associates: Assisting your company in its commitment to a safe, healthy workplace for your employees.

Written health and safety programs, a required component of many OSHA laws, outline the protocol that your company will follow to ensure that your employee safety. The most frequently sighted OSHA violations are related to underdeveloped or non-existent health and safety programs.

But having a written program is just the first step. Once a plan has been developed, implementation is paramount. If work is being performed and the procedures depicted in the plan are not being followed, the OSHA compliance officer will issue a citation. Additional costs may include hikes in insurance premiums and workers compensation rates if accidents or injuries occur.

Companies that strive to implement world class safety and health policy need written programs that provide guidance to supervisors and employees. At Cashins & Associates, our associates work with you to ensure that your written program meets the specific needs of your particular operation. All of the programs we develop are tailored to fit within the paradigm of your organization.