Green Building (LEED) Consulting

Cashins & Associates: Helping your LEED project run smoothly and successfully.

The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit organization that administers the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building rating system.

LEED-certified green buildings are growing in popularity. Some cities now mandate LEED certification for all municipal buildings and new commercial construction. At Cashins & Associates, we have been getting more and more involved in Green Building projects around the region. These projects have ranged from 10,000-square-foot single-story structures to 600,000-plus-square-foot high-rise office buildings.

One of the chief components of the LEED rating system is Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). LEED requirements include the development of an air quality maintenance program, routine air quality assessments, and final air testing.

Cashins & Associates has been involved in many successful green building projects. Our experience, technical knowledge, and client-centered business philosophy can help ensure that your project runs smoothly and successfully. Please contact us to learn how we can become a valuable asset on your team.